Need the best battery for inverter? Check these 3 things off your list

Batteries are essentially powerhouses that store energy for delivery as and when required making them a vital component for home power backup.
luminous Battery 150 Ah - ILTT18000N
A weak battery can hamper even the best of power backup units, while a good one can help it perform at its peak. Therefore, it’s important that whichever battery you choose for your inverter unit is the best battery for inverter that you have at your home and function at its absolute best in tandem with your inverter unit.

But, to choose an inverter battery that’s not only good but exceptional in terms of load handling capacity and recharge capabilities, there are a few things that you need to tick off your list if you want to put your hard-earned money in the right place.

Let’s take a look at a few things you need to tick off your list right now if you are looking for an inverter battery!

Choosing The Wrong Battery Type

# Batteries are designed to serve two different purposes:

# To provide backup during long and fewer power cuts

# To provide backup during short and frequent power cuts

Depending on your need, you would want to pick one which serves that specific purpose because the wrong kind of battery will fail to meet your requirements no matter how good it is otherwise. A flat plate battery is best for shorter duration power cuts, while a tubular battery is best suited for areas with long and fewer power cuts. So, choose your battery wisely, and you won’t regret it.

Cost Vs. Benefit

When it comes to buying an inverter battery, price plays a major role in the buying decision, which sometimes makes us oblivious to the bigger picture. A battery from a local manufacturer might cost less but will have a significantly shorter service life, and the money that you initially save won’t matter because you would eventually end up spending a lot more on maintenance costs.

Therefore, when it comes to your buying decision, be a smart consumer and weigh the cost vs benefits before you buy a cheaply made battery. Our advice is to always buy from a reputed manufacturer if you want the best quality battery that will last years and will cost pennies on the dollar in maintenance.

Not being Future Ready

You might have effectively calculated your power requirement, but what if you ended up adding one or two more heavy-duty appliances within a year of buying a new battery? It’s best to be future-ready and get a battery that slightly exceeds your current demand so that whenever you add any new appliances, your battery would be ready to take up that load without you having to battery shopping for a second time.

Now that you have ticked off these 3 things from your list. Let us help you get up to speed with a few batteries that are the absolute best in their class and offer an amazing value proposition.

Gel Battery – IGSTJ18000

This 12V Gel battery is the best battery for inverter in its class and comes at a price tag MRP of ₹25100. The battery is completely maintenance-free, requires no water top-up, and offers a backup time of 3 hours. It has zero spillage risk and is completely environment-friendly with no risk of emitting any harmful fumes. It comes with a 48* month warranty and is best suited for areas with short, frequent power cuts.

Battery 150 Ah – ILTT18000N

The 150 Ah – ILTT18000N is a 12V battery that offers superior acceptance and provides long backup due to its 30 percent more acid volume per ampere hour compared to other batteries in its class. The battery comes in a high durability sealed plastic housing and is best suited for areas with long and frequent power cuts. It comes with a 48-month warranty.

Battery 150 Ah – IL18030FP

This flat plate battery from Luminous’ is renowned from Inverlast series. The battery features a robust design with excellent charge acceptance and comes with an enhanced service life due to its thick plate construction using a special paste formulation. It comes with a 30-month warranty and is best suited for areas with frequent power cuts of shorter durations.

Luminous features an impressive lineup of batteries in the GEL, Tubular, and Flat Plate range, and all of their products are built using the best in technology, giving the inverter batteries extended service lives and low maintenance costs. So, if you are looking for the best battery for inverter, then don’t forget to check out their comprehensive list of inverter batteries that are setting benchmarks in the industry.