NEC’s new UC&C software delivers integral software-based mobility

Infotech Lead America:  NEC Corporation (NEC), a provider of IT and networking technologies, has unveiled version 8.5 of its UNIVERGE 3C Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) software platform focusing on mobility enhancement features.

The new release includes powerful set of integral mobility functions; solutions to empower shared workspaces with richer content and video collaboration; deeper UC&C integration with standard desktop tools; and integration with IT software infrastructure that optimizes the user experience.

With its Empowered Mobility, UNIVERGE 3C enables users to utilize any combination of IP phone or any phone number, such as a cell phone or home office phone, as their telephony media device. Users can move any call, without disruption, from any device to other, making the ability for users to stay connected in their nomadic work style effortless.


The capability of UNIVERGE 3C eliminates the need for external fixed-mobile convergence gateways or software, streamlining the administration, lowering the costs to enable mobility, and creating a more integrated user experience.

“Mobility and a consistent user experience for business users are top of the list for many enterprises,” said Osamu Noda, general manager, NEC’s Enterprise Networks Division, System Platform business unit. “UNIVERGE 3C brings these key capabilities into its open software platform and across a range of desktop and mobile clients that deliver an intuitive and integrated user experience for the workforce.”

The user-centric approach of the UC&C platform   enables users to utilize their enterprise credentials to sign on to any of their clients, whether on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, and to control how they are reached, delivering a consistent user experience regardless of which client is used.

UNIVERGE 3C empowers shared workspaces by leveraging off-the-shelf audio and video components to create more cost-effective collaboration solutions for meeting rooms, as well as a more pervasive collaborative solution that is appealing because users want to have a common set of tools, whether in their personal office, out of the office, or in a shared workspace.

UNIVERGE 3C version 8.5 software is available in North America and EMEA, and will soon be available in other regions.

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