NEC,Marquis Broadcast offer content securing solutions for media


NEC Corporation of America and Marquis Broadcast announced a joint solution to media companies to optimize the use of shared storage resources and ensure protection of media assets in the event of a disaster.

The new integrated solution is called HYDRAstor/Marquis Project Parking. It leverages NEC’s HYDRAstor Open Storage Suite capabilities and Marquis Broadcast’s core attribute of moving media and metadata between different systems in broadcast and post-production workflows.

NEC noted that media companies, with their heavy data usage, require a reliable storage off-load.  As the size of media assets drives data growth, media companies need a highly efficient and cost-effective way to optimize and secure shared storage resources.

The HYDRAstor/Marquis Project Parking solution secures content in the event of fire, theft, flood or equipment failure by replicating data at an offsite location using HYDRAstor’s WAN-optimized replication.

With the integrated automation of this solution, users can protect the media assets simply by selecting HYDRAstor as the archive location.

They would then have the ability to track the status of HYDRAstor replication through the Parking GUI.

For facilities running at or close to capacity on their high-value primary edit storage, Project Parking can be used to free up space by archiving complete Avid projects to NEC’s HYDRAstor scale-out grid storage platform.

This solution can provide significant savings compared to adding additional shared edit storage. Workspace Parking is used to provide a disaster recovery (DR) backup of the entire storage to HYDRAstor.

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