NEC unveils new SDN appliance built on Open Network fabric

NEC Corporation of America has announced the availability of PF6800 TAP SDN appliance, which provides automated aggregation of telephony packet flows on a network using an Open Network fabric.

The new controller is included in the recently announced version 6 release of NEC’s ProgrammableFlow Software-defined Networking Suite.

NEC’s PF6800 TAP SDN-based controller addresses the network monitoring challenges faced by network operators.

Built on an Open Network fabric, the solution provides provide comprehensive flow aggregation and orchestration; scalable filtration; and enhanced network traffic visibility, NEC said.

Specifically, PF6800 TAP can redirect automated aggregation of packet flows to security and analysis tools. It can easily add traffic filters via user interface, enabling selected traffic to be redirected to any port for further analysis.

The solution also provides improved visibility of network flows on logical and physical networks to easily identify TAP source data.

Further it can reduce the load on packet brokers, intrusion detection systems and other tools, through the use of OpenFlow switches for aggregation and filtration

The PF6800 TAP appliance is available now, starting at a list price of $36,000 for the appliance.

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