NEC launches SDN Application Center with improved APIs to cover SDN architecture

Infotech Lead America: NEC Corporation of America (NEC) has announced the launch of SDN Application Center, which includes Software Defined Network (SDN) solutions built upon customers’ top-of-mind SDN network concerns.

The new SDN Application Center gives customers more choice on network visibility, security, load balancing and wide area networks (WAN) optimization, says Don Clark, director of Business Development, IT Platform Technologies, NEC Corporation of America.

Coupled with the previously announced comprehensive multi-vendor infrastructure support, NEC’s solutions offer both northbound and southbound APIs to cover the SDN architecture, Clark said. It will help organizations proactively and automatically manage, secure and optimize their networks through their SDN solutions.

NEC’s SDN Application Center partners include Real Status (Management Applications); vArmour (Security Applications); A10 Networks and Silver Peak (Optimization Applications); and Red Hat (Cloud Orchestration Applications).

Real Status has coupled the automation offered by NEC software-defined networks with its modeling and visualization solution, Hyperglance, to give cloud providers a significant competitive advantage and a solid foundation to rapidly grow their business.

The NEC ProgrammableFlow PF6800 dynamically adapts vArmour’s security enforcement to the physical and virtual network infrastructure at will. This gives data center operators the ability to provision best-in-class security services with the same speed and efficiency as their virtual networks.

A10 Networks said NEC’s ProgrammableFlow Network Suite perfectly complements their application-delivery solutions.

According to Silver Peak Systems, the integration of Silver Peak virtual WAN acceleration with NEC’s ProgrammableFlow Network suite allows customers to reap the benefits of WAN optimization with point-and-click simplicity.

Meanwhile Red Hat said that by extending the NEC Software-Defined Networking (SDN) offering to the Red Hat OpenStack cloud distribution, the company will begin to jointly promote, build, test, deliver and support leading-edge cloud solutions to enterprise customers.

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