NEC deploys face recognition technology for Surat City Police

Network and IT solution provider NEC India has deployed face recognition technology for Surat City Police (Gujarat).

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NEC face recognition technology includes NeoFace Watch for Live CCTV surveillance and NeoFace Reveal for forensic criminal investigation.

NEC offers face recognition technology for Surat City Police

NeoFace Reveal software solution provides can enhance poor quality latent face images, search against their mugshot databases, and locate suspects, while NeoFace Watch integrates with existing video surveillance systems and matches faces in real-time against a watch list of individuals.

“Our face recognition technology has been through performance evaluations and an extensive proof-of-concept process by the Surat Police, and has performed highly in terms of speed and accuracy,” said Koichiro Koide, managing director, NEC India.

Several government agencies throughout the world, including the US, UK and Singapore have already deployed both technologies.

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