NEC and RackWare announce RMM for disaster recovery

NEC and Rackware have announced the availability of RackWare Management Module (RMM) in Iron Mountain’s data center in Pennsylvania.
RMM will help in migration and disaster recovery to NEC’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud offering.
RackWare integrates data center and cloud resources into a scalable and intelligently managed computing environment.
Enterprises can migrate and protect any workload using NEC’s infrastructure and expand existing workloads within the data center using RMM.
The joint solution will help enterprises to reduce the complexity and increase the speed of migrating complex workload environments to NEC’s infrastructure.
The RackWare simplifies the process of workload migration and DR within the NEC Infrastructure within Iron Mountain data center.
Companies said from an average of 20 weeks enterprises now take only 3 days to migrate.
Additionally, RMM provides enterprise-class Disaster Recovery through NEC’s infrastructure in Iron Mountain’s National Underground Data Center at a fraction of the cost by protecting critical workloads.

NECRMM allows business to go on despite failures as its failure detection, replication, failover to NEC’s infrastructure and failback features provide automated recovery from failures.
NEC said the new solution is available from April 27.
“RackWare has invested in integration efforts to ensure NEC’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering meets strict regulatory compliance needs for Disaster Recovery,” said Sash Sunkara, CEO of RackWare.
“The NEC-RackWare solution, which runs on the NEC Nblock infrastructure, delivers the simplified and cost-effective approach our clients require,” said Hide Senta, vice president, Enterprise Technologies-IT, NEC Corporation of America.
Last month, RackWare participated in the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace Provider Program to offer Rackware Management Module (RMM) to businesses through the CenturyLink cloud platform.
In February, RackWare announced the availability of RackWare Management Module (RMM) for Self-Service Disaster Recovery (DR) to SoftLayer, an IBM Company.