NEC addresses big data challenges with HYDRAstor HS6-4000A

NEC Corporation has launched the HYDRAstor HS6-4000A, a new scale-out grid distributed grid storage platform designed to modernize storage infrastructure to support long-term data retention.

The new HS6-4000A platform is generally available for a list price starting at $55,000 per 1GbE Hybrid Node, and $40,000 per Storage Node. The High-speed Image Compression option list price is $17,500 per node.

Based on HYDRAstor’s architecture, the storage solution features a scalable Object Store back-end and scale-out performance to support both existing and future data growth requirements for large data archives.

HYDRAstor has been architected to maximize capacity optimization and modular scalability, without the complexity and inherent limitations of legacy storage solutions, NEC said.

The HS6 series focuses on large archive environments, by incorporating additional new features for efficient long-term storage while reducing the associated costs.

The HS6 series bundles Global Namespace (GNS) functionality, and also introduces an optional high-speed image compression capability, for highly efficient storage of large repositories of bitmap files, NEC said.

The new HS6-4000A allows modular scale-out to165 nodes with 7.92PB RAW capacity and up to 178.2 TB/hr performance. It allows advanced erasure-coded data resiliency with 1-6 levels of protection and low overhead, the company claims.

Other features include high availability with automatic failover across front-end nodes, global Namespace for fast and flexible access to all data, data shredding capability, optional WAN-optimized data replication for disaster recovery, optional in-place data encryption, optional WORM capability, and optional high-speed image compression for efficient storage of bitmap files.

With applications such as big data analytics, digital voice and image capture driving data growth, enterprise organizations are looking for efficient and cost effective scalable platform to keep up with data growth.

Industry experts say HYDRAstor, with its modular scale-out architecture can help alleviate the pain of storing and managing the unstructured data with an efficient, cost effective footprint.

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