NCR’s Slimline 85 Kiosk enhances movie going experience

Infotech Lead America: NCR Corporation displayed its latest offering, NCR Slimline 85 for cinema, at CinemaCon at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, April 15-18. NCR Slimline 85 is a kiosk that provides automated ticketing which makes it easier for moviegoers to purchase tickets and concessions.

The kiosk provides a tablet-like user experience. Its 32-inch touch-screen can display multi-media of movie art and trailers that provide an engaging experience while buying tickets and paying for concessions.

Brian Whitney, managing director cinema, NCR Hospitality said, “NCR remains dedicated to providing products and services that make everyday easier for both consumers and cinemas. We expect that this kiosk solution will be a real differentiator for theaters that are aggressively seeking unique ways to improve both the patron experience and per-cap figures.”

The Slimline 85 features an intuitive user interface, offers higher visibility, self-service capabilities and consistent promotion of key items to promote concession sales, margins and increase overall guest satisfaction.

Some of the new features of the Slimline 85 with cinema interface offer performance improvements over previous models. These features include enhanced multi-media graphics on a 32-inch touch-screen, a redesigned user interface and “crosstown” sales capability that allows the kiosk to be placed in central shopping locations to drive ticket sales for multiple theatres of the same brand. Users can view movie trailers and pay with credit cards and/or gift cards and use the integrated QR code reader for online ticket retrieval and pick up from the kiosk. User Interface customization enables branding so that theaters can incorporate their corporate branding within the system.

Last year NCR Corporation launched NCR Movie Time for movie buffs, a smartphone application that enables consumers to browse schedules, buy tickets and concessions, check loyalty profiles and more.

The Slimline 85 Kiosk will be available in the U.S. later in 2013.

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