NCR to power EUROSPAR supermarkets with self-checkout option

EUROSPAR supermarkets has chosen consumer transaction technologies provider NCR and channel partner Leaders Enterprises to provide an innovative self-checkout (SCO) customer experience.

The installation demonstrates the operational efficiency and competitive differentiation that SCO solutions can provide for thousands of other local community supermarkets in the Irish market.

NCR has also provided the consulting, training and services to help EUROSPAR develop and maintain the SCO solution deployed at the center. This solution includes NCR bank note recycling functionality that reduces costs by decreasing the number of cash deliveries required.

The SCO solution is also fully integrated with Leaders Enterprises’ front-end software platform, offering a seamless journey to the shopper, whether they are checking out at the traditional point-of-sale (POS) or self-checkout.

“While we were clear of the experiential and business benefits of deploying self-checkout solutions, we have also been driven by active requests from our consumers,” said Declan Ralph, retail development director at BWG Foods, owners and operators of the EUROSPAR brand in Ireland.

NCR SelfServ Checkout reduces queue waiting times by up to 40 percent, greatly enhancing the shopping experience, the company claims. It also allows retail employees to be redeployed from front-end checkout duties to valuable in-aisle functions that ultimately increase retailers’ overall revenue through better customer service.

Leaders Enterprises SAMforWin POS is integrated into the NCR SelfServ Checkout. The solution aims to make retailing more effective and profitable.

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