NCR, ING and Mastercard team up to introduce contactless ATMs in Poland

Infotech Lead Europe: NCR Corporation has introduced one of the world’s first contactless ATM environments that enable ING customers in Poland to withdraw cash from ATMs without inserting their card.

The new technology was piloted in November in Katowice and Warsaw by NCR in association with ING Bank Śląski and Mastercard.

ING customers with VISA and MasterCard debit contactless cards only need to hold their card near the ATM reader for confirmation of their PIN code after which customers will be presented with the choice of a cash dispense in common “fast cash” values. According to Ruth Fornell, VP of global professional services, NCR, contactless dispense transactions are approximately 25 percent faster than traditional withdrawals.

“Introduction of such technology means faster and more convenient transactions for ING Bank customers. It is not only the first installation of this kind in Poland, but also one of the first in the world,” said Barbara Borgieł-Cury, head of accounts, payments and cards department at ING Bank Śląski.

As the volume of contactless transactions increase rapidly in the country,  the demand for more contactless options has also increased. Of all cards used in Poland today, 70 percent are equipped with contactless technology. Over 50 percent of EFTPOS accept contactless transactions.

Financial institutions and retailers look for a variety of methods to deliver flexible payment options that their customers can use. Apart from NFC-enabled devices, NCR has implemented or introduced proof of concepts using contactless cards, 2D barcode transactions, and one-time PINs for ATM transactions alone.

In related news, SBI Bank in India deployed 600 NCR SelfServ 32 Intelligent Cash Deposit ATMs across the country to reduce long queues at its branches and enable its customers to execute everyday cash deposit transactions beyond banking hours.

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