NCR deploys Predictive Services technology for Akbank ATMs

NCR will deploy Predictive Services technology to Akbank to increase the availability of its ATMs across Turkey.

In 2013, NCR Predictive Services recovered an additional 32,000 hours of ATM up-time for Akbank customers.

Akbank has more than 4,200 ATMs across 962 branches and over 13 million customers.

The bank has recorded 16 percent conversion from reactive to predictive service calls and reduced ATM down-time by reducing the number of reactive NCR service engineer visits when compared to the same period prior to NCR Predictive Services being implemented. In addition, Predictive Services helped the bank increase First Visit Resolution (FVR) by more than 10 percent.


Yesukan Akıntı, head of Alternative Delivery Channels Operation at Akbank, said: “Reducing down-time is therefore a priority. NCR has helped us achieve this by identifying faults before they happen and reducing the time that our ATMs are unavailable by over fifty percent.”

NCR predictive technology is designed to identify ATM fault trends, module end of life and potential issues ahead of any down-time and take appropriate action.

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