NCR ATMs to power Commercial Bank of Ethiopia

NCR SelfServ ATMCommercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) has tapped NCR Corporation to expand its ATM network with the addition of 200 new NCR SelfServ ATMs together with NCR APTRA Vision.

NCR APTRA Vision will assist Ethiopia’s largest bank to make faster business decisions and improve availability of its self-service channels by knowing exactly which ATMs require maintenance or cash replenishment.

“Ensuring that the ATMs we introduce are supported by NCR’s innovative APTRA Vision software is a big step forward, as it allows us to achieve operational excellence, reduce cost and improve customer experience,” said Addis Tilaye, director E-Payment Process, CBE.

NCR APTRA Vision combines data from assisted and self-service devices, and provides CBE with incident management support and real-time access to transaction data on their self-service networks that enables CBE to be more agile and better serve customers.

The addition of this software gives CBE the edge to transform operations, improve network availability, reduce operational costs and deliver exceptional customer service.

“The ability of APTRA Vision to combine and analyze granular details on every consumer transaction across all self-service devices gives CBE maximum control of all the services and payment channels, enabling them to react in seconds rather than hours,” said Dimitri Kanellopoulos, channel leader for Africa at NCR Corporation.

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