NComputing implements green computer labs in 2622 government schools in Haryana

Infotech Lead India: Virtual desktop solutions provider NComputing said it has implemented green computer labs in 2622 government schools of Haryana as part of the Haryana government’s major education initiative called the ‘ICT in Education’ project.


NComputing said it has implemented 58,500 workstations across 2622 government schools of the state.

EduBOSS, C-DAC’s free and open source operating system, has also contributed to bring down the overall cost of implementation significantly.

The initiative is aimed to introduce each and every student of the state to the world of computing, will benefit over 1 million government school students across all districts of the state.

Apart from Haryana, NComputing’s cost effective shared computing technology is already providing desktop computing access to millions of school children through major state education projects in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Punjab, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

Haryana selected NComputing as it provides desktop virtualization solution that requires 75 percent less maintenance and saves upto 90 percent energy by using 1 watt of electricity as compared to the traditional PC that consumes 120-150 watts.

By opting for NComputing’s eco-friendly and energy-efficient technology, the state government has also expressed its commitment towards keeping the state Green.

“India holds a strong position in the world knowledge economy today because of the country’s investment in education over the years. To maintain this edge, widespread and affordable access to computer skills is critical,” said Jagjit S Bhatia, executive director, C-DAC.

Each of the 2622 schools has a 22 seat computing lab comprising 20 NComputing’s X550 virtual desktops, two desktop PC’s, one UPS, and two printers. Each system runs C-DAC’s EduBOSS, pre-loaded with various educational applications, which are being used to teach computer skills and facilitate and enrich learning of various subjects.

“We are privileged to be selected by the Haryana government, and associated with C-DAC, for this prestigious project that will equip the next generation of Haryana’s workforce to be globally competitive. Our products and technology are ideal to overcome challenges related to infrastructure and limited power supply,” said Manish Sharma, vice president, APAC, NComputing.

Apart from Haryana, over 7 lakh NComputing virtual desktops have already been deployed in India which includes major state educational projects in states like Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, and also in many private educational institutions throughout India.

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