MPS Publishing turns to Dell for backup and recovery

Dell announced MPS Publishing Services has successfully deployed DL4000 Backup and Recovery Appliance, running Dell AppAssure.

MPS Publishing Services provides publishing services for print, online and mobile media.

Dell’s solution has helped MPS enjoy greater productivity with faster data recovery without any backup runs.

The company chose Dell DL4000 Back Up and Recovery Appliance, running Dell AppAssure software as it proved to be 54 percent more cost effective than competing cloud based solutions and scored a higher rating in comparison with other competitors, according to MPS officials.


“Imagine waiting a day or two days for your data to be returned. It’s a loss of productivity for the employee and the business, and serious cost of up to US$24,000 per day – all bad news. With AppAssure, we avoid that situation,” said Narendra Kumar, SVP, MPS.

“Personnel see data returned quickly and stay on top of their workloads and customers are better served,” Kumar added.

Dell’s AppAssure Backup addresses the concerns associated with traditional backup and recovery solutions, said Kumar Mitra, general manager – Data Backup & Recovery BU, APJ, Dell Software Group.

“Dell’s AppAssure Backup is designed to address our customer’s pain points as it is a holistic and cost-effective solution that requires low maintenance,” Mitra added.

MPS is witnessing growth and innovation with Dell’s technology. After successfully testing and deploying Dell’s Backup and recovery solution at their Bangalore center, MPS Limited is all set to rollout the solution across other sites too.

Rajani Baburajan

[email protected]

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