Movius launches a new enterprise service to meet communication needs of businesses

Infotech Lead America:Movius has launched a new enterprise service which will enable telecoms service providers to offer business streamlining solutions.This new functionality on Movius Interactive Corporation’s latest platform new service is aimed at small, medium and large organizations. The CAFÉ platform will supply their communications needs and enable a constant flow of new, relevant applications to end-users in an affordable, rapid and cloud ready environment.

CAFE solutions include auto attendant functions, call handling services to answer, direct calls, take messages, support simplified mailboxes with email, voicemail, and fax messages all in one place, unified messaging and message waiting notifications. The system also allows click-to-call functionality to easily return calls and multiple greeting options to increase the professional presentation. Group lists will simplify the distribution of messages and information.

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“These are fairly common business requirements; the ability to ‘host’ them with a single multi-tenant, carrier-grade platform provides a more economical solution. Most businesses either already have their own equipment and interface with service providers associated with that equipment, or have people performing these functions. A more economical and simpler method lets them focus on their business and not on the communications functionality,” commented Amit Modi, CTO at Movius.

The company estimates that service providers will have full payback within nine months to a year from the increased revenues and ongoing revenue for several years with only minimal support and maintenance.

New functionality also includes Visual Voicemail (VVM) and Voice-2-Text (V2T) in addition to converged mailboxes for your desktop phone, mobile and other mobile devices to compliment the enterprise and basic voicemail features.

“In the hyper connected world today, boundaries between traditional enterprise users and consumers are fast blurring and businesses need solutions to drive greater productivity and empower people with secure personalization,” continued Modi. “Movius CAFÉ with its business applications suite opens a window for this unique converged offering.”

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