Motorola Solutions announces new WiNG Express for SMBs

Motorola Solutions today announced new WiNG Express, its wireless local area network (WLAN) offering for SMBs.

Its price, easy-to-use and easy-to-understand graphical user interface are some of the thrust areas of WiNG Express

The company said WiNG Express enables one access point (AP) to manage an entire network of 25 APs, eliminating the need for a controller appliance. With zero-touch deployment, the APs automatically discover each other, connect and are loaded with a customer’s network profile, allowing a network to be up and running in minutes.

WiNG Express AP portfolio consists of two dual radio 802.11ac access points (AP 7502E and AP 7522E) and four 802.11n APs (AP 6511E, AP 6521E, AP 6522E and AP 6562E).

All Express APs come with built-in tools to monitor, manage and troubleshoot APs and connected devices along with powerful analytics which allow users to drill down into any specific AP to view its history for the last 30 minutes, past two hours or last 24 hours.

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