Motorola showcases latest Staff Communications and Management solution

Motorola Solutions is showcasing its latest Staff Communications and Management solution which keeps store staff mobile and connected via voice and applications to assist shoppers and improve storefront operations.

Utilizing Motorola Solutions’ new solution, retailers can initiate tasks, work orders and group and private calls — routed and escalated across or within work groups to keep associates accessible and enhance collaboration.

In addition, Motorola’s retail solution enables retailers to access inventory and detailed product information anywhere in the store at a moment’s notice to answer shoppers’ questions and perform consultative selling.

The announcement was made during the 103rd National Retail Federation (NRF) Annual Convention & EXPO this week.


Bruce Brda, senior vice president, Motorola Global Solutions and Services, said: “Shoppers today walk into a store armed with nearly infinite amounts of information along with high expectations of service.”

KPMG Retail Industry Outlook Survey says retailers cited losing share to low-cost producers (30 percent) and customer/employee mobility (21 percent) as two of the top three biggest threats to their business models. However, a fully connected and informed retail team can help deliver an enhanced experience for shoppers, driving loyalty while giving store owners a return on their technology investment.

58 percent of shoppers surveyed as part of Motorola’s Holiday Shopping Study agreed that they have a better experience when sales associates are using the latest technology to assist them.

Handheld devices such as Motorola’s MC40, SB1 Smart Badge and ET1 tablet allow retail associates to connect and respond to customer needs without leaving the shopper’s side. Productivity-enhancing software such as Mobile Workforce Management provides associates with up-to-the-minute prioritized task lists and equips store managers with the visibility required to further optimize storefront operations.

Motorola’s customer-facing device portfolio offers a range of capabilities and price points to enable retailers to right-size a deployment, digitally connecting the store staff and providing access to the right tools and information. By leveraging the data from customized mobile devices, retailers can maintain a storefront that combines efficient operations and the highest level of customer service.

Motorola’s Voice Readiness Assessment helps retailers determine if their current wireless and wireline network can support a planned deployment. Motorola’s purpose-built retail voice portfolio provides workers anywhere, anytime access to PBX-based telephony and enterprise-grade push-to-talk (PTT) services over the wireless local-area network (WLAN) and their professional radio infrastructure.

Motorola’s Application Design and Porting service can seamlessly port applications to new devices to help retailers accelerate the deployment of mobile solutions and leverage the capabilities of emerging technologies for a competitive advantage.

Motorola’s Mobility Lifecycle Management (MLM) is designed to provide insight into the most important aspects of full lifecycle management and the operating environment and processes needed to accelerate the return on a customer’s mobility investment. Motorola experts can perform an MLM assessment and visioning session to define a retailer’s mobility strategy and future improvement possibilities.

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