Motorola says its WLAN solution outperformed Aruba and Cisco in Tolly lab evaluation

Infotech Lead America: Motorola Solutions said its WLAN solution has outperformed Aruba Networks and Cisco in Tolly lab evaluation.

Tolly tested the three competitors in several areas deemed critical in remote branch office environments.

Imran Akbar, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Networks & Communications, Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions’ WiNG 5 solution delivered unique differentiation in the following areas in comparison to the other solutions tested:

Eliminating the pre-staging of access points (APs) resulted in a deployment three times faster than Cisco and Aruba, leading to lower operating expenses by providing easier replacement and simplified procurement and stocking.

Intelligence at the Edge enables APs to provide superior voice quality by making load balancing decisions at the remote branch, a critical element for voice over WLAN applications.

25 percent greater throughput than Cisco for business critical applications, efficient WAN link utilization and true site survivability as a result of eliminating the need for any traffic to be sent back to a controller for any reason.

Remote troubleshooting tools make it possible for IT departments to easily pinpoint issues without dispatching additional resources, thus lowering operating expenses and improving response and recovery time.

Zero-touch AP provisioning provides the ability to provision hundreds or even thousands of APs resulting in less time spent configuring a WLAN and reducing the chance of human error.

The Tolly Report analyzed each company’s WLAN solution including Motorola’s WiNG 5 utilizing the NX9500.

“When business applications are delivered wirelessly, the WLAN becomes a critical element of the branch infrastructure. Motorola Solutions’ end-to-end offering provides a better quality user experience while maintaining high levels of security, resiliency and ease of use,” said Imran Akbar, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Networks & Communications, Motorola Solutions.

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