Molex opens technology center in Fremont, California

Molex technology centerMolex, a subsidiary of Koch Industries, announced the opening of a new technology center located in Fremont, California.

“The technology center will enable us to better serve our growing customer base and co-developers in the region, empower closer collaboration, and provide important access to a leading center of investment and innovation,” according to Martin Slark, chief executive officer, Molex.

The technology center is one of the main innovation hubs for Molex Optical Solutions business and home to sales and customer development teams serving all of Molex customers in the region.

Molex aims to more provide solutions for platforms including data centers, telecommunications, and enterprise networks. The technology center expands the scope of Molex design resources for Silicon Valley developers of medical devices, autonomous vehicles and other transportation technologies, as well as innovators in industrial automation.

The 108,000-sq. ft. building features over 50 miles of Molex Optical and Copper Cable Assembly Solutions, patch panels, adapter panels, modular office electronics and wire management tools.

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