MobileIron introduces a range of solutions for mobile IT

MobileIron, a provider of mobile IT security and management for apps, content, and devices has introduced a complete security and management range for Mobile IT.

The company has launched the MobileIron Application Delivery Network (ADN) solution for scalable app provisioning in the enterprise. The ADN Mobile IT to deliver apps of any size to any number of devices without impacting the corporate network.

The ADN offloads the actual download of the apps onto a secure global backbone. In addition, it tightly integrates with MobileIron Apps@Work.

“Our customers are aggressively mobilizing their business processes. Mobile IT moves fast and, as the category leader, we deliver well-architected innovations. With the MobileIron App Delivery Network, Docs@Work, and App Connect for Android, our customers can go big with mobile,” said Bob Tinker, CEO, MobileIron.

The MobileIron ADN, in combination with Apps@Work, gives Mobile IT real-world scale for the company-wide deployment of mobile apps.

MobileIron Docs@Work is a private app storefront for distributing enterprise apps. offers end-to-end security for both ActiveSync email attachments and SharePoint content. Docs@Work provides secure transport, local storage, viewing, and data wiping.

The company has also introduced App Connect for Android that creates a secure environment for mobile enterprise apps.

The App Connect prevents data loss, preserves the native user experience, and works across supported Android devices and OS versions. Also, it encrypts data, provides a single sign-on, and segments professional from personal data to enforce security and privacy.

With App Connect for Android, each business app becomes a secure container that is managed through the MobileIron console.

Recently, MobileIron secured $40 million in Series E financing round. The additional funding will be used to accelerate growth and drive product innovation.

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