Mobile Technologies showcases real-time lecture translation system

Mobile Technologies has demonstrated the world’s first automated simultaneous lecture translation system.

Showcased at University Without Language Barriers event at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) inGermany, the new technology enables non-German speaking students to participate in live German lectures with real-time English subtitles appearing on their laptops and iPads.

Mobile Technologies is the creator of the Jibbigo Translator app, a speech-to-speech translation app.

“This system demonstrates the cutting-edge of machine learning technology, and the new frontier for multi-lingual communication,” said Alex Waibel, founder of Mobile Technologies and Jibbigo.

Mobile Technologies’ lecture translation platform is a cloud-based system.

The lecture translation system uses speech recognition technology to transcribe the speech of the lecturer in real-time, and then uses machine translation technology to instantly translate the speech into additional languages.

The new technology is designed to assist students in the classroom to view live English subtitles using any web-enabled device. As universities increasingly become magnets for talent from around the globe, the lecture translation system will enable multi-lingual instruction and the sharing of knowledge without language barriers.

Mobile Technologies is a leader in speech recognition and machine translation technologies for consumer, enterprise and government uses.


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