Mobile a vital component in business strategy across industries, says Syniverse research

A vast majority of companies agree mobile solutions enable them to achieve improvements in customer experience, service and communications, as well realize reductions in operating expenses and capital costs, says a recent study from Syniverse.

Mobile has also helped companies retain and grow their customer bases, increasing loyalty and revenue along the way, the survey said.

The study highlights the growing importance of implementing an enterprise mobile strategy across multiple industries.

The findings are revealed from a global survey of Fortune 1,000 companies conducted in July 2013. The study identified each brand’s top mobile needs and expectations, yielding significant findings in the areas of mobile strategy, mobile marketing and messaging.

A majority (92 percent) of respondents said mobile solutions are very important or important. Another important trend is that mobile has become an important marketing tool, with 84 percent of respondents saying that mobile is “very likely” or “likely” to be used in customer and marketing campaigns.

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Large companies have fully embraced a mobile strategy as a critical component of their businesses.

When asked what their mobile plans were, 72 percent of respondents said they have implemented or are in the process of implementing a mobile strategy, and another 16 percent have defined a strategy but haven’t begun implementing it yet.

Another finding of the survey is that location-based services strategies have been or are in the process of being implemented by 56 percent of the respondents.

HTML5, apps and messaging are the three mobile technologies in which respondents invested the most, with messaging being used for customer, partner or employee communications by 87 percent of the respondents in order to improve customer service and reduce costs.

Almost one third of respondents declared their use of SMS for customer or business partner communications.

Companies are moving quickly with their integration of mobile, and they are increasingly seeking customized mobile solutions to meet consumers’ unique needs. Mobile service providers should prepare to enable these solutions and help organizations provide the security and real-time experience that mobile consumers have come to expect.

Businesses’ migration to mobile presents a great opportunity for service providers to grow their businesses by becoming a critical part of the value chain.

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