Meru Networks deploys wireless LAN at New Mexico Municipal School District

Infotech Lead America: Meru Networks, a provider of virtualized 802.11n Wi-Fi networks, has deployed wireless LAN for thousands of students, teachers and staff in over 18 schools within the Farmington Municipal School District in New Mexico.

The school district was evaluating Wi-Fi solutions that are capable of providing class of service differentiation for students and teachers through channel layering and airtime fairness. It turned to Meru Networks for the deployment of high performance, virtualized Wi-Fi solution, so that their students are able to achieve the goals of the Farmington Learning Initiative.

Meru’s Wi-Fi solution empowers over 10,000 students and 1,200 staff members. The wireless LAN consists of three MC3000 series controllers located centrally and connected to 285 remote access points.

“We see students who now have the opportunity to hand in work in a format that, historically, they may not have been able to do – such as a song, a podcast, a movie, a poem, a presentation or a website,” said Charles Thacker, director of technology, Farmington Municipal School District. “The wireless LAN from Meru enables students to be creative while increasing their interest in the particular subject matter.”

Sarosh Vesuna, general manager of education, Meru Networks, said, “Education is increasingly dynamic these days, and schools need a wireless solution that will connect their students – to teaching materials and projects through a reliable wireless network. With Meru Networks, the Farmington District provides an interactive learning environment, which, we believe, breeds creativity and determination.”

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