Meru mobile app for iPhone and Android enables instant cab bookings

Radio cab service provider Meru Cabs’ Meru mobile app for iPhone and Android devices enables instant cab bookings on the go.

The free Meru mobile app comes with ICE Alert that will help the consumers to handle emergencies with the press of a button.

The Meru Cab application can be downloaded through Android Play Store and iPhone App Store respectively.

Meru Cabs is the largest radio cab operator with over 6,000 cabs in 5 cities.

“We believe in introducing innovative services and travel technologies that will revolutionize the Indian radio cab industry. The Meru Cab phone app will make the booking process more convenient, personalized, efficient and quicker for our customers,” said Siddhartha Pahwa, CEO, Meru Cabs.

“The application efficiently enables people to make an effective booking, track the progress of their cabs via live mapping and incorporates ICE Alert which is one of the firsts to be introduced by Meru,” said Nilesh Sangoi, CTO of Meru Cabs.

Features of ICE Alert

Through this service one can alert family members or friends in case of an emergency and receive help.

A customer would have to feed in 2 contact numbers of family or friends, who will be alerted as soon as the ICE Alert option is selected.

They will also be able to view the exact location of the person for 30 minutes. This service can be used at any given time and not only on booking a Meru Cab.

Earlier, Meru Cabs introduced GPS and GPRS system for the continuous tracking of cabs.

Meru is consistently distinguishing itself as a provider of superior quality transport and as a viable option for commuters in the city to feel safe and free while travelling.

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