MediaPlatform allows employee generated video uploads through Apple and Android devices

Infotech Lead America: MediaPlatform, an enterprise video software company, announced new capabilities that enable users to upload video content from iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets.This feature will enrich enterprise portals with useful content and help improve communications, training and marketing efforts.

The solution can benefit: manufacturing companies holding product meetings with teams scattered across multiple locations; multinational conglomerates who want to enhance corporate communications by giving employees the tools to create and share video; and enterprises who wish to augment their marketing activities by allowing video uploads from conferences and trade shows.

MediaPlatform delivers mobile workforce management solutions to support enterprise mobility. It is the first company to deliver live webcasts on Apple iPad using HTTP live streaming (HLS) in 2011.

The release of the new video uploading feature is timed well. Recently Gartner revealed that in 2012 33 percent of business intelligence functionality was accessed by smartphones and tablets. With 1.2 billion workers worldwide now carrying mobile devices, enabling the mobile workforce has become a key concern at the leading global enterprises.

Employee generated content (EGC) helps improve employee engagement, connectivity and collaboration in enterprises.

The company also offers SmartPath delivery that allows employees to access the streamed video on any device in any location. The MediaPlatform enterprise mobile video solution works with all browsers and does not require apps or downloads.

“With the addition of uploads from mobile browsers, MediaPlatform users can now enjoy the full experience on mobile devices,” said Denis Khoo, chief technology officer at MediaPlatform. “Mobile support is a high priority for the enterprise, and at MediaPlatform we plan on continuing to rapidly innovate on this front.”

Dan Shey, enterprise practice director, ABI Research, recently stated that most immediate ROI is gained when mobile video collaboration  is used to support business processes; particularly service operations.

For business operations support, there are over 500 million employees worldwide that could benefit from mobile video collaboration services. However, by 2017 less than 2 percent of these employees will generate service revenues, totaling about $500 million worldwide, Shey said.

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