Marvell intros Brightlane Q622x Automotive Ethernet switch

Marvell Technology, a provider of data infrastructure semiconductor solutions, has unveiled the Brightlane Q622x Automotive Ethernet switches. These switches aim to enhance vehicle safety and enable software-defined services in automobiles.
Marvell Brightlane Ethernet PHYsMarvell’s Brightlane Q6223 switch offers a remarkable bandwidth of 90 Gbps, nearly double the capacity of existing automotive switches. Its non-blocking 12-port design allows for flexible configuration, utilizing eight integrated 10G SerDes ports, four integrated 2.5G SerDes ports, and two integrated 1000Base-T1 PHYs.

The Brightlane Q6222 switch by Marvell features nine ports with a bandwidth of 60 Gbps. It comprises five integrated 10G SerDes ports, four integrated 2.5G SerDes ports, and two integrated 1000Base-T1 PHYs.

Both the Brightlane Q6223 and Q6222 switches are single-chip devices, offering cost, power, and latency reduction advantages.

Marvell’s Brightlane Q622x switches incorporate IEEE 802.1AE-2018-compliant Media Access Control (MACsec) link security on each port, up to 10G. This feature ensures the encryption of data transmitted between automotive components, guarding against man-in-the-middle and other security threats.

The switches also utilize Marvell’s Ternary Content Addressable Memory (TCAM) implementation for deep packet inspection (DPI). This enables high-speed packet classification, ensuring packet integrity, and supporting the filtering and classification of over 4,000 IPv4/IPv6 flows, enhancing intrusion detection capabilities.

Furthermore, the Q622x family integrates a hardware security module (HSM) for encryption, MACsec key management, and trusted boot functionality. These additional security measures further safeguard the in-vehicle network.

“With the new Brightlane switch family, we’re delivering future-proofed bandwidth, reducing BOM space and cost, and providing the most advanced, comprehensive combination of security features available,” Mike Yeager, Vice President and General Manager of the Automotive Business Unit at Marvell, said.

The annual shipment of Automotive Ethernet ports is projected to grow by almost 40 percent each year, with estimates exceeding one billion ports per year by 2025, more than ten times the total shipped in 2018.

Marvell is actively collaborating with over 40 OEMs, including eight of the ten largest, to develop various Automotive Ethernet solutions.

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