Mackeen signs QR 5 million deal with Kempinski Residences for CCTV solution

Infotech Lead Middle East: Mackeen Technology has signed a QR 5 million deal with Kempinski Residences & Suites, Doha to install hotels monitoring systems, project control systems and CCTV solution.

The contract also covers maintenance and system redundancy for the next five years.

The company will install 750 surveillance cameras at Doha’s tallest tower and a dedicated data center.

Moreover, Mackeen Technology will also train Kempinski’s staff to operate the new systems being implemented.

Salman Kaldari, CEO of Mackeen Technology, said: “Our engineers have worked with Kempinski’s team to develop a solution that addresses all technical requirements.”

Mackeen Technology’s partners in the project include: Axis Communications, EMC, Avaya, HP, and Belconn

Wissam Suleiman, general manager of Kempinski Residences & Suites, Doha, said: “With its understanding of the technology requirements of the hospitality sector, Mackeen Technology gives us confidence to move ahead with our technology upgrade program.”

Mackeen has secured major projects with leading business organizations in Qatar and across the region, establishing the company as one of the fastest growing Qatar-based technology companies.


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