Lumina Networks launches SDN Controller solution

sdn-market-size-by-2018Lumina Networks has launched its software-defined networking (SDN) Controller solution — powered by OpenDaylight.

Earlier, Lumina Networks acquired assets associated with the SDN Controller product from Brocade Communications Systems.

Utilizing OpenDaylight as its open source controller, Lumina Networks enables service providers to directly control their SDN implementations while providing the flexibility to develop their own solutions through their choice of vendors eliminating lock-in.

Lumina’s SDN products:

# Lumina SDN Controller provides a common open platform to control the network and manage its nodes.

# Lumina Flow Manager is a controller-based application that enables simplified and sophisticated traffic engineering of the network with advanced algorithms such as path-computation for efficient traffic flows.

# Lumina Zero Touch Installer is a controller-based application that provides initialization of devices, such as virtual CPE, with the correct software image and configuration automatically.

Lumina Networks contributes enhancements made to its SDN Controller back to the open source community to ensure 100 percent compatibility with OpenDaylight’s code base.

Lumina Networks offers NetDev Services to help organizations transform their network engineering and operations team. NetDev Services team at Lumina works with customers to develop production systems using agile methods to prototype and enhance speed of proof-of-concept and pilot phases.

Lumina NetDev Services builds solutions using Lumina, open source tools or competitive products.  The company’s methodologies enable customer teams to become self-sufficient in developing and managing their new open source platforms.

“We started Lumina Networks to ensure providers can use open source in critical use cases. But just delivering technology is not enough. Our customers are doing the implementation with us, so they can learn and acquire the skills, tools and practices needed to develop and manage the platforms we jointly deploy,” said Andrew Coward, chief executive officer, Lumina Networks.

“By embracing openness and layering innovation, Lumina can claim a distinct differentiation in the SDN market,” said Ray Mota, chief executive officer and principal analyst, ACG Research.