LogMeIn’s online meeting app join.me achieves 50-million-participant mark

Infotech Lead America: LogMeIn said its instant screen sharing and online meeting app join.me has achieved the 50-million-participant milestone.


join.me provides a simpler and easier-to-use alternative to traditional web conferencing products.


LogMeIn claims that every week more than half a million people use join.me to collaborate on projects across the hall or across the globe. And every month more than one million people host or attend their first ever join.me meeting.


LogMeIn recently rolled out a new window sharing option for users of join.me pro that lets meeting hosts select any window on their screen to share with other online meeting participants, ensuring that participants will not see an ill-timed email, tweet or instant message alert during a presentation, demo, or sales pitch.


Window sharing is the latest addition to the join.me pro offering, which builds on join.me‘s free screen sharing capabilities by offering business-friendly features like premium audio conferencing lines, presenter swapping options, private meeting rooms, custom meeting links, and administrative control for teams.


The company also introduced a new free join.me app for Windows 8-based PCs, tablets and mobile devices, designed for the Metro UI. The complementary app follows on the success of the free join.me iPad, iPhone and Android apps, and can be used with either the free or pro versions of join.me.


“In 2012, join.me has become LogMeIn’s fastest growing product, both in terms of new users and new sales, and we believe it’s now among the fastest growing collaboration products on the market,” said Lou Orfanos, director of Collaboration Products for LogMeIn.


join.me’s free version delivers on-the-fly collaboration in seconds and there is no registration required. It supports up to 250 participants. A pro version of the service with extended functionality is available for $19 per month or $149 per year.


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