LenovoEMC launches new version of LifeLine operating system

Infotech Lead America: LenovoEMC has launched the new version of LenovoEMC LifeLine operating system for its Iomega-branded network storage solutions.

The LifeLine 4.0 will be available next week as a free-of-charge download for owners of StorCenter ix and px series network storage products.

Though the storage company listed a number of additional features, LenovoEMC, a joint venture set up in December 2012 between Lenovo and EMC, says the main highlights will include: Integrated Virtualization Technology (IVX), Snapshots, SSD Cache Pools, iSCSI Security, Active Directory Hybrid Authentication and more.

The new version of operating system includes improved enterprise computing and security features for efficient storing, sharing and protecting of data for enterprises.

The company will launch LenovoEMC-branded network storage devices with LifeLine 4.0 in May.

Eric Arcese, president and general manager, LenovoEMC, said: “LenovoEMC LifeLine 4.0 improves upon our previous version of LifeLine, bringing advanced computing options and capabilities to our network storage products.”

The new version of LifeLine offer better performance together with an intuitive menu of choices that can be tailored to the needs of enterprises.

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