Lenovo unveils new solutions to optimize AI workloads

Lenovo, a global technology leader, has introduced its latest innovations aimed at empowering organizations to maximize the potential of their data and optimize AI workloads.
Lenovo ThinkSystem DG Enterprise Storage ArraysWith the launch of the ThinkSystem DG Enterprise Storage Arrays and ThinkSystem DM3010H Enterprise Storage Arrays, as well as the ThinkAgile SXM Microsoft Azure Stack solutions, Lenovo is addressing the growing need for high-performance data management solutions.

Lenovo ThinkSystem DG Enterprise Storage Arrays are part of the new line of All-Flash Arrays (AFA) featuring Quad-level Cell (QLC) architecture. These arrays are tailored to handle read-intensive enterprise AI workloads and large dataset workloads, providing faster data intake and accelerating time to insight. Offering up to 6 times faster performance and up to 50 percent cost savings compared to traditional HDD arrays, these DG storage solutions are poised to revolutionize the data management arena.

For small and medium-sized businesses, Lenovo presents the ThinkSystem DM3010H Enterprise Storage Array, a hybrid unified storage solution designed for optimal scalability and flexibility across a wide range of workloads. This includes file services, virtualization, backup, archive, and other I/O applications, ensuring SMB customers can efficiently manage their data requirements.

Lenovo also introduced two integrated ThinkAgile SXM Microsoft Azure Stack solutions. These systems are engineered to simplify and expedite time-to-value for Azure Hybrid and Multi-cloud ecosystems. Lenovo’s ThinkAgile SXM solutions are poised to offer a powerful unified hybrid cloud solution for data management.

Lenovo ThinkSystem DG Enterprise Storage Arrays solutions offer up to 25 percent power savings compared to hybrid arrays. Additionally, they facilitate workload consolidation, reducing rack space and data center footprint.

Moreover, Lenovo is taking a stride into the realm of genomics with the Lenovo GOAST solution, utilizing the ThinkSystem DM Storage Arrays. The GOAST solution enables fast data migration and archiving of genomic sequencing data and results, advancing research and analysis in the field of genomics.

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