Lenovo plans $1 bn investment in AI business

Lenovo announced plans to invest $1 billion over three years in the expansion of infrastructure solutions to accelerate the artificial intelligence (AI) deployment for businesses.
Lenovo event in 2016Lenovo also announced it has reached record annual AI infrastructure revenue of over $2 billion.

This news marks Lenovo’s largest AI infrastructure investment in history and will expand the company’s AI-ready portfolio of smart devices, infrastructure solutions and services to accelerate innovation, enabling the use of generative AI and delivering cognitive decisions across financial, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and smart city applications.

Lenovo’s investment strategy includes an additional $100 million commitment to the expansion of the Lenovo AI Innovators program. The program has already delivered a record 150+ AI-ready solutions created with 45 leading ISV partners across its ecosystem.

Developed within just one year of the program’s launch, the solutions bring AI from the lab to scale and enable dramatic technology shifts within high-growth sectors. Leveraging AI-ready solutions, customers can more rapidly deploy and leverage cutting-edge AI capabilities, like generative AI, computer vision, prediction, and virtual assistants.