Lenovo explains how ThinkSystem servers support analytics firm SAS

Lenovo ThinkSystem
Lenovo has explained how its data servers are supporting analytics firm SAS in improving the experience of customers.

SAS is utilizing Lenovo ThinkSystem servers to ensure that SAS’ customers are able to run the payroll software on time, every time.

Sanjay Patel, IT Director at SAS, said: “The differentiator with Lenovo versus some of the other vendors is if they find a problem, they are very proactive. Today with virtualization and everything else, when a server fails, we can literally impact 200-300 applications and users.”

SAS, which has been helping its customers turn data into knowledge for more than 40 years, has customers at more than 83,000 sites, including 94 of the top 100 companies on the 2016 Fortune Global 500.

Lenovo ThinkSystem servers are supporting SAS’ retailer customers across the world to optimize shipment to stores by getting the right goods to the people who want to buy them.

Bank customers of SAS can determine clients who are actually drug traffickers using the bank’s services to launder money.

Pharmaceutical company customers of SAS can track side effects and clinical issues with much more accuracy thanks to SAS software run on Lenovo ThinkSystem servers.

“We’ve always been customer-driven, in terms of understanding their needs and being in touch with what our customers need to drive their business,” said Tim Campbell, IT Director at SAS. “A very high level of customer support from Lenovo enables us to deploy our systems and not worry about adding more resources to support them.”

Lenovo said SAS re-invests approximately 25 percent of its annual revenues in research and development (R&D), and developing new products and services.

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