Law firm MPP uses Polycom RealPresence video solutions to ensure Opex savings

Infotech Lead America: Law firm of Morris Polich & Purdy (MPP) is using Polycom RealPresence video solutions.


These solutions facilitate face to face collaboration across five offices, with clients and contacts worldwide.

MPP is using Polycom video solutions, including the Polycom RealPresence Mobile app, RealPresence Desktop software and group video systems.

Over the past five years, MPP has increased its number of offices from three to five, and the number of attorneys from 52 to 94.

With offices in Los Angeles, Irvine, San Diego, San Francisco and Las Vegas, MPP represents clients in every state as well as U.S. possessions.

Polycom video-enabled processes enabled MPP to have streamlined recruitment that involves candidates, managers, recruiters and HR professionals in multiple locations. The firm’s expansion created a need to accelerate this process.

“Although in-person interviewing is still very important, Polycom has enabled MPP to build innovation into our recruitment process. We minimized travel and maximized hard cost savings. MPP is also increasing productivity by replacing some business trips with video,” said George Brandon, partnership development leader at Morris, Polich & Purdy.

MPP employees have downloaded Polycom RealPresence Mobile software app for their smartphones and tablets, giving them greater flexibility to participate in meetings from anywhere at any time.

Additionally, MPP is using Polycom video collaboration software on their desktops and laptops for meetings. Employees use Polycom video collaboration where appropriate to enhance client service, such as conducting meetings and other client work via video, to expedite cases and keep costs in check while maintaining robust person-to-person interaction.

Before implementing Polycom solutions, MPP had spent $3,000 for a one-time, international video conference call with a client. Now, it can host such calls whenever it wants without incurring any additional cost.

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