Latest telecom demands among enterprises: Dimension Data

Dimension Data has come out with a report focusing on the latest telecom demands among enterprises globally.

“Cost control and investment optimization are at the top of every boardroom agenda. Most traditional telecom expense management approaches provide limited visibility of assets and services that reside outside the edge of the enterprise network. However, as these top five telecom spending trends indicate, the vast majority of expenses are actually incurred inside the enterprise network,” said Grant Sainsbury, vice president of advanced solutions at Dimension Data.

Businesses burn dollars unnecessarily on variable costs.

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Telecom expenses are on the rise.  Businesses are wasting money unnecessarily on variable costs such as under-utilized bandwidth and circuits, excessive roaming charges and non-optimized tariffing. Gaining better visibility of all expenses is the first step towards elimination of unnecessary spending.

Tablets are king.

Tablets have seen a 75 percent uptake from 2010–2012, indicating a dramatic increase in the general popularity of these devices. Corporate purchasing of tablets has been much lower, registering at an average annual growth rate of 38 percent. Dimension Data believes individuals are taking advantage of corporate Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. Enterprises need to prepare security and support strategies for these devices as they increasingly enter the workplace.

Businesses love iPhones

According to the data gathered by Dimension Data, Apple’s iPhone remains the top choice for corporate buyers, whereas more reasonably priced smartphones remain the devices of choice for personal use. The appeal of the iPhone for businesses is that it’s considered the most secure device available, but it also is perceived as best in its class. The operating system of the iPhone has one operating system, with varying versions; therefore companies value its platform stability. The increase of personal devices in the workplace places greater demands on corporate IT to provide wireless network access. Furthermore, security is often an even greater concern as it relates to managing network access and accessing corporate applications and client or business sensitive data.  These are areas in which organizations must invest, not only for liability protection, but to convert BYOD challenges into business opportunities that positively influence employee satisfaction and increase productivity.

Mobile users surf the web for business purposes, too.

Across the corporate websites polled, the majority of visits were still from non-mobile devices. An average of at least 7 percent of visits to each site came from mobile users. The average duration of the visits – around two minutes – indicated that the visitors lingered, which means they were there for information-gathering or business purposes. Mobile optimization of corporate site assets must be a part of any long-term communications strategy for customers, partners and employees.

Unlimited data plans continue to be popular.

With the transition of mobility voice minutes into data, many have posed the question: are unlimited data plans disappearing? After polling a number of customer service divisions of well-known communications providers regarding the availability of their unlimited plans in the future, Dimension Data concluded that vendors are hesitant to discontinue these offerings for fear of losing customers. Enterprises tasked with making sourcing and carrier plan decisions should keep this in mind as they negotiate service contracts.

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