Latest networking trends from Cisco Live 2019 event

Cisco announced new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to allow IT teams to ensure more network insights – at Cisco Live U.S.
Cisco cybersecurity solutionsCisco is unveiling innovations to effectively manage users and applications across the entire enterprise network – from campus networks and wide-area networks, to data centers and the IoT edge.

According to 451 Research, nearly two-thirds of organizations report that their IT teams are facing increased workloads; but increased IT headcount is in the cards for only about one-third of companies in the coming year.

Cisco is leveraging new software capabilities designed to utilize de-identified and aggregated data, which when combined with Cisco’s institutional knowledge building networks, results in more intelligent solutions that allow IT teams to operate more effectively.

“Artificial intelligence and machine learning can enable businesses to efficiently discern which issues to prioritize, becoming more nimble and proactive. This will have a profound effect on network operations and the IT teams that run them,” Scott Harrell, senior vice president of Cisco’s Enterprise Networking Business, said.

Cisco has created solutions optimized to meet the unique needs of each of these networking domains. Cisco is introducing new integrations, so users have a secure, consistent experience no matter where, when or how they connect.

Cisco is introducing new networking technology purpose-built to withstand the rigors of the harshest of environments while providing IT and OT teams with intent-based networking capabilities to scale and accelerate IoT projects.

“By extending intent-based networking to the IoT edge, we are helping IT and OT teams work together to reduce operational complexity, boost the bottom line, and improve worker safety,” Liz Centoni, senior vice president and general manager, IoT at Cisco, said.

Cisco is also revolutionizing the role of network professionals and software developers to drive technology innovation and accelerate business.

Cisco is also expanding its professional certification program that embraces both the network professional and software developer and adding a new community-based developer center to accelerate adoption with network automation.

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