Kyndryl and Care New England Collaborate to Enhance Healthcare Services Through Digital Transformation

Kyndryl, renowned as the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, has embarked on a transformative collaboration with Care New England, a non-profit healthcare system located in Rhode Island.
Infrastructure service provider Kyndryl
The joint effort aims to facilitate growth within the healthcare system by streamlining operations and consolidating multiple electronic medical record (EMR) systems into a single, end-to-end solution powered by Epic, a leading EMR provider.

The initiative, led by Kyndryl, seeks to enhance productivity and efficiency across patient care services. By migrating to a unified instance of Epic, Care New England aims to facilitate seamless coordination and elevate the quality of patient care.

A pivotal aspect of this partnership is the transition of Care New England’s IT and applications environment to Kyndryl. This strategic move is expected to optimize resources, enabling the healthcare system’s personnel to focus more intently on delivering top-tier patient care. Additionally, by leveraging Kyndryl’s strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Care New England will migrate crucial workloads, including its EMR system, onto the secure and reliable AWS cloud infrastructure.

This migration promises a twofold advantage for Care New England. Not only will it lead to a reduction in operational costs, but it will also grant the healthcare system access to cutting-edge cloud-enabled technologies such as automation. These technologies play a pivotal role in fortifying data security measures and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

The integration of these advanced tools is poised to revolutionize Care New England’s approach to clinical and operational data management. Informed by comprehensive data insights, healthcare professionals and leadership will be better equipped to make informed decisions. Furthermore, the consolidation and cloud migration will pave the way for an expansion of service capabilities, making healthcare more accessible for patients and fostering collaboration between healthcare networks.

Amy Salcido, President of Kyndryl US, expressed the broader vision behind this partnership, stating, “The goal isn’t to solve a technical issue. We’re striving to transform how healthcare is delivered, and IT is the enabler to get there.”

Allyson Fryhoff, Managing Director of Nonprofits and Nonprofit Healthcare at AWS, highlighted the commitment of AWS to drive innovation in healthcare. The collaboration with Kyndryl and Care New England aligns with this vision by utilizing technology to enhance caregiver and patient experiences.

As part of the collaboration, many employees from Care New England will transition to Kyndryl’s team, allowing them to continue providing technical expertise to the healthcare system. This transition empowers Care New England to focus on its core mission of patient care and academia while also offering IT professionals a unique career advancement pathway.

Kyndryl’s involvement will further enable Care New England to allocate resources more efficiently by retiring legacy systems, eliminating redundant applications, and addressing technical debt. These improvements are pivotal in fostering future growth and facilitating the deployment of new service capabilities.

Care New England will become a part of the ever-expanding roster of 500 global customers currently leveraging Kyndryl Bridge. The collaboration will also harness the expertise of Kyndryl Consult, Kyndryl Vital, and Kyndryl’s Clinical Experience Team to continually improve the overall patient and caregiver experience.

Through this dynamic partnership, Kyndryl and Care New England are poised to revolutionize healthcare services, capitalizing on digital transformation to drive efficiency, collaboration, and patient-centric care.

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