Konew Financial Express makes investment in NCR Interactive Teller

NCR Interactive Teller
NCR says Konew Financial Express has made investment in NCR Interactive Teller to revolutionize property mortgage loan services.

The new technology allows a live remote Konew Customer Services Officer to assist customers over a self-service device, said NCR.

ProPocket service point enabled by NCR Interactive Teller offers features such as cash withdrawal, video conferencing, document scanning and digital signature. Customers can apply for loans by carrying documents and visit NCR Interactive Teller to get assistance through video conferencing with Konew’s Customer Services Officer.

After getting the approval for the loan, Konew’s Customer Services Officer assists customers to sign loan agreements using digital signatures. Users can use an ATM card to withdraw cash and avoid bank transfers, said NCR.

Wing Chan, executive director of Konew Financial Express, said:  “NCR technology has enabled us to offer loan approval and immediate cash together to solve our customers’ needs for cash and eliminating the wait time for bank transfers compared to face-to-face application.”

More than 200 financial institutions have deployed NCR Interactive Teller technology. In Hong Kong, Fubon Bank has also deployed NCR Interactive Teller.

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