Kofax mobile capture for driver licenses solution unveiled in U.S.

Infotech Lead Asia:
Kofax, a provider of smart process applications for the First Mile of customer interactions, has unveiled the Kofax Mobile Capture for Driver Licenses solution.

Kofax Mobile Capture enables enterprises to capture images and data contained in U.S. driver licenses and provides a proof of identity to reduce fraud in customer centric mobile apps.

The new solution is suitable for the financial services, insurance, government and healthcare markets. It currently supports all U.S. driver licenses and can be extended to support driver licenses from any country.

Leveraging Kofax Mobile Capture for Driver Licenses, enterprises can deploy mobile apps that permit or require individuals to use cameras in mobile devices to include process ready images of driver licenses along with other information being submitted.

Drew Hyatt, senior vice president of Mobile Applications at Kofax, said: “Kofax offers the only solution that can accurately read all 50 states’ driver licenses and the barcodes on the back side of licenses issued by the 42 states that include that feature. This sets a new standard in the mobile capture industry.”

Kofax Mobile Capture for Driver Licenses leverages data contained in the license, GPS and other information captured to help reduce fraud, and can be easily integrated with an organization’s security and fraud detection systems when a more complete multi-step solution is desired.

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