Kakao switches to Rimini Street support for Oracle Database

Kakao, an internet and mobile messaging company in South Korea, has switched to Rimini Street support for its Oracle Database.
Rimini Street for CIOsKakao now receives support for its mission-critical Oracle Database instances for a minimum of 15 years from the time the company transitioned to Rimini Street support with no required upgrades.

The company also immediately realized savings of 50 percent in annual support fees. Kakao has taken back control of its IT roadmap and has more flexibility with its limited resources.

“Our strategy is to eventually move Kakao’s existing Oracle Database to an open source database such as MySQL, Maria, or PostgreSQL. Since switching to Rimini Street, we have reduced our database maintenance costs significantly, and my team is now free to focus on other initiatives to improve our business, like this database migration,” said Tonny Yi, head of Kakao’s data platform team.

Rimini Street engineers provide support for all issues, including support for performance and interoperability issues, delivering on the company’s service level agreement of 15-minute response times for critical cases.

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