Juniper unveils new switch and module to help financial institutions

Juniper Networks has unveiled a new application acceleration switch, QFX5100-AA and a new packet flow accelerator module, QFX-PFA.

The new innovations will help financial institutions to accelerate business critical applications in latency sensitive computing environments.

Juniper developed the systems in partnership with Maxeler Technologies, which creates customizable software logic.

The solution is designed to improve the performance of applications that handle market and social media data feeds, execution routing, and big data analytics, empowering financial firms to make decisions faster, using real-time information.

The financial firms can now make decisions faster and can take advantage of real time market opportunities as the switch and the module are designed to improve the performance of applications that handle market data feeds, social media feeds, order execution routing and big data analytics.

The QFX5100 and QFX-PFA is scheduled to available in Q3 and has many benefits.

QFX5100-AA and QFX-PFA uses Maxeler Technologies’ dataflow programming environment for specific application programming allowing customers to develop and customize applications that best suit their requirements.


Using customizable logic to offload the processing of compute-intensive, real-time, deterministic, and latency sensitive applications, enterprises realize performance acceleration at the application level.

Data center automation, scale and compute power speeds up packet flow processing and takes advantage of Juniper’s Junos operating system.

The solution ensures automated and simple data center management from a single point of control with Junos Space Network Director.

Both Juniper technologies support Java to simplify logic programmability.

Juniper’s Cloud Analytics Engine delivers Better visibility and an application-centric view of the network.

“With the introduction of Juniper Networks QFX5100-AA and QFX-PFA, we are delivering new computing capabilities within the data center network to ensure that our customers can make the most informed split-second investment decisions,” said Andrew Bach, chief architect for Financial Services Team, Juniper Networks.

Last month, Juniper launched its enhanced Converged Supercore, which includes new custom silicon, updates to the Juniper Networks PTX Series router and expanded software-defined networking (SDN) capabilities.

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