Juniper Networks in switching deal with Sony IP Live 

Juniper Networks for enterprise technologyJuniper Networks announced its switching technology deal with Sony’s IP Live to enable the broadcaster to capture and distribute live coverage of major events.

Sony’s IP Live leverages Internet Protocol (IP) networks to solve the challenge of transporting rich-content data in real-time between outside broadcast locations and production studios in cost-effective manner.

Broadcasters have relied on serial digital interface (SDI) and coaxial cabling technology to transport live content from outside broadcasts to production studios.

Sony is delivering an open architecture for building automated network compatible with Juniper’s technology. Sony IP Live also supports the transportation of high-definition (HD) and 4K (ultra HD) video, audio, synchronization signals and control-data across an IP network through a single network cable.

Sony and Juniper also have a partnership to provide IP Live production and training courses for the broadcast industry. The courses show participants how to build a viable IP network, control and manage settings for optimum performance throughout the network, and mitigate errors.

Sony will use Juniper Networks QFX5100 switches with open architectures that serve as a universal building block for automated, programmable fabric architectures.

Juniper said its Ethernet switches give the maximum network programmability and automation. This framework allows Sony to provide consistency and simplicity to its operations, and to scale and adopt new applications and technologies.

“IP technology enables a change to workflows in the broadcast industry, with many broadcast engineers, technicians and operators needing an upgrade to their skills to meet the demands of tomorrow’s production environments,” said Paul Cameron, senior trainer of professional AV media, Sony Professional Solutions Europe.

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