Juniper Networks reveals benefits of Cloud Metro solutions

Juniper Networks has revealed the innovation behind Cloud Metro solutions for service providers, optimized for metro transformation and business growth.
Juniper Networks Cloud Metro solutionsJuniper Networks’ Cloud Metro infrastructure features energy-efficient power designs, enabling unused features and Packet Forwarding Engines (PFEs) to be automatically switched off when not in use, the US-based enterprise networking supplier said.

Juniper Networks said the removable modular power shelf design reduces e-waste and extends system lifetimes by accommodating up to 48 times bandwidth growth within the same chassis. It is certified as Titanium grade by CLEAResult in its 80 Plus program, the first and only metro networking device power module to accomplish such a rating.

The performance and smart features of Juniper’s Cloud Metro portfolio replace the traditional 3-5 year rip-and-replace network lifecycles with 7-12 year lifecycles. Pay-as-you-go models and a breadth of interface options allow service providers to flex their investment economically in line with demand, Juniper Networks said.

Juniper’s advanced use of AI and cloud-delivered automation equips service providers to simplify workflows, deploy services faster, reduce trouble tickets and accelerate time-to-service and therefore revenue restoration. This significantly improves productivity, empowering network engineers and operators to accomplish more, which is critical for employee satisfaction and retention.

The new solutions also deliver up to 71 percent lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by leveraging the latest generation of silicon, system design and AI-enabled Device Onboarding-as-a-Service. Zero Trust security is built-in rather than bolted-on, while active service assurance is embedded to deliver proactive service testing, monitoring and remediation.

Juniper Networks said Paragon Automation-as-a-Service promises immediate productivity increases for service providers. Instead of building complex, time-consuming DIY automation solutions, they are empowered to focus on assuring service experiences for their customers.

“The metro edge is key to supporting the massive data, real-time performance and sustainability demands that this new era of OT transformation is bringing. This important industry shift requires the re-imagining and re-engineering of the metro network and Juniper is showing leadership here in its Cloud Metro portfolio,” Brendan Gibbs, Senior Vice President of Automated WAN Solutions, Juniper Networks, said.

“Our metro connectivity services across more than 260 major cities meet our customers’ need for high-performance networking. We experience continuous demand for secure connectivity and expect to see double-digit traffic growth on our network,” said Don MacNeil, Chief Operating Officer, GTT Communications.

Chipset major Broadcom and Juniper have delivered such a comprehensive portfolio of WAN routing platforms, all based on our leading Jericho and Qumran silicon.

This announcement is especially compelling as it showcases Broadcom’s Jericho 2c+ silicon enabling a 50 percent increase to the industry’s highest-density 400G routing line card in a modular chassis.

“With market-leading 54 ports of 400G per slot at 21.6Tbps, this performance underscores the unmatched scalability and power efficiency of the product offering. We are thankful for our engineering teams,” Ram Velaga, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Core Switching Group, Broadcom, said.

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