Juniper Networks’ QFabric products complete testing through EMC E-Lab

Infotech Lead America: Juniper Networks announced that its QFabric products  have completed testing through EMC E-Lab and is qualified to interoperate with EMC VMAX and VNX storage arrays.

In addition, Juniper Networks QFabric system has been added to EMC’s Support Matrix. EMC E-Lab conducts the industry’s most rigorous interoperability testing and is the industry gold standard for server networking and storage interoperability.

EMC E-Lab has completed interoperability testing on the QFabric solution in a multivendor environment, which included testing and qualification of solutions with hypervisors, operating systems, Converged Network Adapters (CNA), Fibre Channel, Ethernet Switches, and EMC VMAX and EMC VNX storage systems.

The qualification adds Juniper Networks QFX3500 10GbE top-of-rack switch, QFX3000-M QFabric System and QFX3000-G QFabric System to EMC’s Support Matrix.

The QFabric/EMC interoperability means customers can easily plan, deploy and scale to support growing data storage environments, and quickly respond to changes in their data center networks using the Juniper Networks QFabric system or QFX3500 Switch in EMC VMAX and VNX storage environments.

Many enterprises manage data centers where compute, storage and networking solutions are multivendor environments, often with additional complexity, and increased provisioning and operational costs.

“With Juniper’s QFabric networking solution having met EMC’s qualifications and interoperability requirements, enterprise IT customers will have that extra assurance that QFabric can be successfully deployed as part of inter-operable datacenter infrastructure, creating new opportunities for Juniper,” said Rohit Mehra, vice president, network infrastructure, IDC.

“By qualifying Juniper’s QFabric family of products through the rigorous EMC E-Lab testing process, customers can confidently deploy QFabric within EMC VMAX and EMC VNX storage environments as they transform their IT infrastructures,” said Carolyn Muise, senior director, EMC E-Lab Worldwide Operations, EMC.

“When it comes to storage convergence, vendor compatibility is always a factor for consideration by our customers. Knowing that EMC has extensively tested QFabric technology in a multivendor environment gives us confidence that our clients’ Juniper network infrastructure will continue to support their converged data center networking requirements, while at the same time open new revenue streams for us,” said Peter Jansson, senior systems engineer, IGXGlobal.

“By qualifying Juniper Networks QFabric products with the EMC multivendor ecosystem, Juniper is providing solution providers with assurance to confidently recommend a safe, reliable and industry-leading solution for storage convergence requirements. Furthermore, we believe this qualification will open new business opportunities for our partners as they market their solutions into data centers,” said Joe Burke, vice president, North American enterprise storage, security, virtualization and networking group, enterprise solutions, Arrow Electronics.

“With the volume of business data doubling every year, simplified storage convergence has become strategic to data centers. More than ever, customers want vendors to take complexity out of the equation, making the Juniper Network QFabric family of products ideal for connecting storage environments. With the latest interoperability testing, customers can confidently deploy the industry’s most comprehensive network fabric solution with the leading storage provider,” said Denise Shiffman, vice president, product management and strategy, Juniper Networks.

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