Juniper Networks launches world’s smallest converged supercore router

Infotech lead America: After launching the Junos Spotlight Secure data center security systems earlier this year, Juniper Networks has now unveiled the slim PTX3000 Packet Transport Router which takes the industry’s first and only Converged Supercore for service providers a step further.

The new Juniper Networks router is only 10.6 inches in depth – approximately the length of an Apple iPad, designed to fit in a rack structure. It van easily adapt to any space and energy constrained environment.

The router follows Juniper’s 2011 introduction of the world’s first Converged Supercore, a new architecture to bring together the packet and transport worlds.

The PTX3000 redefines the upgrade so that one technician can manually hand-carry and install a PTX3000 within a matter of minutes.

The PTX3000 router’s capacity can rapidly scale over time up to 24 terabits per second (Tbps), enabling PTX3000 to simultaneously stream high-definition video to as many as three million households.

Juniper Networks also announced an integrated packet-transport physical interface card (PIC) with two-ports of line rate 100 Gigabit forwarding for the entire PTX family. Service providers can now interconnect sites more than 2000 kilometers (1243 miles) apart, using this cost effective solution.

The PTX3000 Packet Transport Router packs in performance and efficiency, addressing practical barriers that service providers face in upgrading networks today.

The simple architecture of the PTX Series allows network operators to converge their networks from nationwide backbones down to the metro core, driving significant operational efficiencies  and offering  unprecedented scale at the lowest power footprint in the industry at less than one watt per Gigabit. PTX3000 only requires a minimum configuration of as little as 1200 watts and a single power feed.

The purpose-built Junos Express chipset combined with the Junos operating system ensures that the Juniper Networks PTX Series Packet Transport Router can scale for years to come, enabling  operators to deliver mobile services to millions of subscribers at a cost savings of up to 65 percent over legacy architectures.

The PTX Series delivers wire-rate performance on all ports simultaneously, even for the smallest packet sizes, and by far the industry’s lowest latency while at the same time reducing the cost of network ownership.

The integrated packet-transport 100G DWDM OTN interface card offers the industry’s highest density 100G optical routing capabilities for use in open, standard-based architectures. It is designed to cost-effectively interconnect long-haul metro sites and reduce network complexity while offering transport performance with packet advantages. The new optical PIC also has the flexibility to operate across the entire PTX Series.

The PTX Series, in combination with the T Series Core Routers, the MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers, the ACX Series Universal Access Routers and Junos Space Network Management offer long-term investment protection by flexibly scaling total capacity to meet ever-increasing consumer and business traffic.

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