Juniper Networks Chosen as Official Routing Solutions Provider for NANOG Annual Conferences

In a strategic move aimed at enhancing the attendee experience at its annual conferences, the North American Network Operators’ Group (NANOG), a community dedicated to advancing an open, secure, and robust internet, has partnered with Juniper Networks, designating Juniper as the official provider of routing solutions.
Juniper Networks for enterprise technologyNANOG, known for convening network engineers and experts in network reliability, places a premium on a reliable network infrastructure for its events to ensure uninterrupted operations, high satisfaction levels, and a seamless experience for participants. Juniper Networks’ industry-leading routers were carefully chosen by NANOG to serve as the networking foundation for its upcoming events due to their robust capabilities and easy manageability.

The decision to partner with Juniper Networks stemmed from NANOG’s need to replace existing routing solutions for their events. The organization sought routers that are easily deployable, offer exceptional speed, and can handle a substantial traffic load of 4-5 Terabytes during the event week. Juniper’s routing solutions emerged as the ideal choice, promising a superior experience for an audience of networking experts.

Darrieux Harvey, CMP Director at NANOG, emphasized the organization’s dedication to advancing an open, secure, and robust internet, stating, “Juniper’s single box solution enables us to achieve these goals by delivering seamless and secure internet connectivity at our events.”

Juniper’s MX204 Universal Routing Platform is set to provide NANOG with simplified operations through a rich automation stack. NANOG will benefit from enhanced security, protection against Secure Shell (SSH) brute force attacks and scans, faster route ingestion, and improved reliability necessary to converge networks. The deployment of Juniper’s routers will not only ensure an exceptional experience for the upcoming NANOG events but will also facilitate quick and easy deployment for future events, solidifying the network’s enterprise-class quality.

Melchior Aelmans, Sr. Architect of Service Providers at Juniper Networks, expressed their commitment to empowering dialog and addressing networking challenges, stating, “Juniper’s AI-driven networking solutions provide the necessary digital framework to accomplish just that. We are honored to be partnering with NANOG to drive connectivity and deliver unparalleled experiences at its upcoming conferences.”