Juniper Networks  announces Unite Cloud to simplify multi-cloud

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Juniper Networks  announced Unite Cloud to simplify the creation and management of hybrid, multi-cloud environments.

In addition to Juniper’s existing data center solutions, Unite Cloud also includes an enhanced Junos Space Network Director management application that leverages advanced automation to analyze and control data centers.

It also includes QFX5110 switch with 100 Gigabit (GB) capabilities to scale with evolving bandwidth demands, and the company’ Contrail JumpStart service offerings that help enterprises rapidly deploy technologies at lower risk to embrace the cloud seamlessly.

The modern data center has many virtualized elements and spreads across multiple geographies and cloud environments.

Building and managing this environment — while keeping costs down — is incredibly complex and calls for a secure, simple and open data center architecture that will continue to meet evolving needs.

Juniper says its Unite Cloud addresses this challenge by providing enterprises the required building blocks to manage public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments, scale with evolving business needs and support the deployment of new applications, services and technologies.

The Unite Cloud solutions unveiled today complement the previously announced Unite Campus and Unite Cloud-Enabled Branch solutions.

Announced in 2015, Juniper Unite, an architecture for the entire enterprise including data center, campus and branch with coherent management, allows organizations to design and build network infrastructures that meet their specific needs.

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