Juniper Networks announces new EX4600 Ethernet switches

Enterprise networking vendor Juniper Networks on Wednesday announced the launch of its new EX4600 Ethernet switches targeting large enterprises.

Juniper Networks will be targeting enterprises which are looking at transitioning to higher density campus environments and interconnected sites. The main benefit to enterprises will be to ensure better access to cloud services and applications across enterprise campus networks.

Juniper Networks in a statement said EX4600 switches support high-bandwidth services like unified communications and collaboration as well as support access to cloud applications across the campus and devices.

The company claims that the EX4600 switches deliver scalable 10/40GbE connectivity solutions in a compact and power efficient platform.

Juniper Networks EX4600 switches are aimed at reducing CIO concerns including management of secure access, connectivity, and bandwidth usage.


EX4600 supports Juniper Networks’ Virtual Chassis technology, which enables up to 10 interconnected switches to operate as a single, logical device with one IP address, and when managed by Junos Space Network Director, the entire campus and data center network can be managed with a common interface through a single pane of glass.

It also has a switch capacity that can be expanded without increasing the number of managed devices, enabling customers to increase capacity as business demands, while ensuring investment protection. The EX4600 can also operate in the same Virtual Chassis configuration with any combination of Juniper Networks EX4300 and EX4600 Ethernet switches.

The EX4600 provides rich Layer 2 and Layer 3 features, and provides In-Service Software Update (ISSU) capabilities for the campus and 40G ports with a virtual chassis option, enabling the delivery of new applications and services.

Juniper Networks said the EX4600 includes a number of high availability features to ensure continuous and uninterrupted system operations, including active and backup routing engines, graceful failover, ISSU capabilities and quality of service (QoS) to prioritize time-sensitive data.

In addition, the EX4600 enables customers to reduce time and cost of deployment by supporting a number of features for network automation and plug-and-play operations.

The EX4600 provides dynamic buffer utilization monitoring and reporting to provide detailed insight and data on network traffic.

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