Juniper Networks’ 3 new products aims server virtualization

Infotech Lead America: Juniper Networks has unveiled three new products to simplify network management.

These three new products — targeting enterprise campus and data center infrastructures — are designed to maximize delivery and availability of cloud services, server virtualization and rich media applications.

Jonathan Davidson, senior vice president, Campus and Data Center Business Unit, Juniper Networks, said: “It is critical for enterprises to design their infrastructure to adapt to emerging business requirements with programmable and flexible platforms.”

Juniper says these products will enable network operators to respond to business changes and monitor and react to how the network meets application service level agreement (SLA) requirements in seconds.

The first product, according to Juniper Networks, the new EX9200 Programmable Switch enables accelerated response to changing business needs, while its built-in ability to support a virtual WLAN controller.

The second product from Juniper Networks is JunosV Wireless LAN Controller that will deliver high levels of reliability and flexibility across the enterprise to lower capital expense.

The networking major claims that the Junos Space Network Director provides network management solution for wired and wireless LANs and data centers, consolidating multiple management tools to simplify network operations.

Let us hear from comments of Juniper customers:

David Hennessy, chief technical officer, Three, Ireland

Data centers are evolving into highly virtualized environments, and switches must be flexible enough to fill multiple roles. Juniper’s EX9200 is a programmable, resilient and scalable platform that delivers a rich set of features and interface options that will allow Three Ireland to accelerate and enhance our service delivery while greatly improving the customer experience.

Schyler Batey, lead network engineer, Pacific Northwest GigaPOP

Juniper’s EX9200 dramatically how we provide cost-effective, reliable, high-bandwidth and high-capacity networking to our research and education participants, as well as faculty, students and staff. The advanced programmability of the EX9200 delivers future-ready capabilities that can be easily adapted to support new requirements created by emerging applications, such as SDN and EVPN, while automation features allow us to transform network operations, reducing complexity and overhead.

Thomas Meier, chief executive officer, InfoGuard AG

Reducing complexity and cost are essential for the success of our business. The Junos Space Network Director provides our IT staff an end-to-end unified management application to administer our network infrastructure, users and applications from a single interface. This simplification increases the security and reliability of our infrastructure and removes the complexity of operating multiple management tools, which reduces operation expenditures while improving our ability to quickly react to business needs.

Joe Kim, vice president of engineering, Copper River

Our customers need agility to manage virtualized and increasingly unpredictable bandwidth workloads, while being able to scale for future requirements. The Juniper Networks EX9200 programmable switch is uniquely positioned for this upcoming Layer 2 services refresh. It provides our customers a programmable core chassis with highly dense 10GbE and 40GbE configurations, all managed by Junos. Moreover, the EX9200 is future-ready with its ability to support 100GbE, SDN capabilities, and multiple automation options, providing a highly customizable, agile, infrastructure to customers.

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